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We are the future of e-sport

Every story has a beginning, this is the story about how Property came to be.

The founding fathers

Property was founded in june 2010 by Aron Larsson and Cevin Crafoord under the name Property Clan as a Starcraft 2 team and forum. The team had a very ambitious vision from the start to create a big professional eSports organisation and challenge the world elite. Through a very selective process the first core members were chosen and many of them are still here today. Property is definitely a case of “what you see is what you get” and what you get is hardworking genuine people with big passion, high ambitions and lots of creativity. This is the way it has been from day one and the way it will always be with Property.


During Dreamhack Summer 2012 we had our first major breakthrough in eSports when Jeffrey “SjoW”
Brusi defeated the current world champion Life in the Starcraft 2 tournament. He went on to finish 3rd-4th at the event a feat few foreigners since has been close to repeting. This memory still brings joy to all the people involved in the organisation and we strive to relive that feeling at every event we compete at. Property is all about working with the best people to develop our professional players and win championships.

Changing sports forever

Property believe that eSports should be a level playing field and that any talented player regardless of gender should have the same opportunities to reach the top. Through eSports Property want to be a change for good and support rising talents in all scenes. During 2015 we took the step to support an all female CS:GO team that contains five highly skilled players. With the same opportunity to practice as their male peers, we believe that they can compete and win in the pro scene. When we succeed, we will not only have contributed in changing eSports forever, but will also have set a standard for all sports.

The winning edge

Property fosters and encourage a performance culture with a winning mentality where we always seek to improve and work harder than our competitors. No one believes more in “second place is the first looser” than we do. In fact in everything we do we prepare our players for the winning moment with support from our world class management and coaching staff. We capture these groundbreaking moments with professional in-house media coverage which gives us the winning edge.


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