Property signs Fortnite team – Property

Property signs Fortnite team

1 year and 2 months ago

Today we’re proud to announce the signing of our latest addition, the fortnite team! They are promising players in the Fortnite scene.

Please welcome to the Property Family:

            Kevin “Zibo” Munters

            Alexander “whai” Andén

            Axel “Lanch” Olsson

            Tba “ Tba” Tba


A few words from the players:

“It feels very good to be a professional fortnite player. And fortnite feels more fun if you take it to a higher level and really want to learn everything.  And get the opportunity to go out and compete in the game against other good teams!” – Kevin “Zibo” Munters

“I´m really excited to start play professional fortnite. I have always played to become the best and i am a very competitive player who don´t like to lose and always want to be the best” – Alexander “whai” Andén

“I look forward to playing fortnite at a professional level. When I started with Fortnite I immediately knew this is a game for me and I felt like I was good at the game as well. And how it feels to play fortnite at a professional level. It feels better than my first Victory Royale” – Axel “Lanch” Olsson

We can’t wait to see them going for the Victory Royale in the future Fortnite tournaments.

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