Crippa and Whai to catch the Victory Royale at Northspawn Fortnite Tournament – Property

Crippa and Whai to catch the Victory Royale at Northspawn Fortnite Tournament

10 months ago

Last weekend our Fornite team was in Västerås for the Northspawn LAN where they competed in both of the tournaments. The first tournament up was the SOLO one. which was played on Day 2 off the event – starting at 19:00 CET with 6 games to be played.

The second tournament was the DUO and was played at Day 3 – starting at 19:00 CET with 6 games to be played.

Fortnite solo tournament:

Game 1: Crippa had an amazing start in game 1 where he placed first with 6 kills and earned 7 points towards the leaderboard. Unfortunately Whai died early into the game and got zero points.

Game 2: This time it was Whai’s turn to show up, he dominated the whole game with his sniper shots from far until the end where he out-built his opponents and secured the win with 9 kills and 8 points towards the leaderboard. Crippa had a real bad luck regarding getting weapons and got killed early in the game without any chance to fight.

Game 3: Was a bit of a rough one where both Crippa and Whai struggled to find the kills but still managed to earn some points towards the leaderboard – Crippa finished 4th with 3 kills and Whai got 12th with 2 kills which lead to 2 and 1 point respectively.

Game 4: Was a close game and unfortunately Whai got 0 points but Crippa showed up and managed to pull off 3 kills and earn 2 points towards the leaderboard. At this stage the last two games were really important for the team property players as well as for “COOLER Nyhrox” who had been battling against Crippa and Whai for 1st place.

Game 5: Begins very slowly with most players playing safe and not taking unnecessary fights, in mid-game it starts to get getting interesting and both Crippa and Whai deals damage and picks up some kills. In the end Whai dies as 10th with 4 kills and Crippa gets 4th with 4 kills as well. At this point the leaderboard is really close and all Crippa and Whai needs to do at this point is wait until COOLER Nyhrox dies to secure the win.

Game 6: Does not start as we would have wished, Crippa died early in the game and gained 0 points towards the leaderboard. Whai struggled to find the kills and was playing it safe most of the game leading to the end circle where he had to just survive. Whai managed to get 2 kills and ended up 4th place gaining 2 points to the leaderboard.

In the end Crippa earns 1st place in the leaderboard with Whai really close behind. Here is the summary of the SOLO tournament and you can see how close the points really were:

Fortnite duo tournament:

This tournament uses the same format as the duo one with 6 games to be played and points earned by getting kills and also final place in the game

Game 1: It started a bit slow paced for everyone, no one really took risks or unnecessary fights. You could tell the nerves were there for a lot of players. Crippa and Whai played it very good and got 12th place with 6 kills and 2 points towards the leaderboard.

Game 2: Same thing in this game as in game 1. Crippa and whai couldn’t manage to get the win and ended up 12th place again with 5 kills and 2 points towards the leaderboard.

Game 3: Was a big mess, Crippa and Whai struggled to get good loot and materials which resulted in an early end of game 3, they picked up 0 points here.

Game 4: Crippa and Whai were determined to win this tournament and they really showed up in game 4 where they absolutely dominated the whole game with 7 kills and 6 points to the leaderboard.

Game 5: The momentum from Game 4 was brought over to game 5 where they did the exact same thing against the enemies and stacked them kills up to 7 and 6 points added for team property in the leaderboard.

Game 6: Team property had done a insane comeback in this tournament with two wins in a row, and Crippa and Whai made sure off continuing that momentum into game 6. And they really did, they did not get as many kills as the other games but by playing smart and being patient they managed to finish 1st in Game 6 with 3 kills and 4 points added to the leaderboard.

These three back to back wins really secured the 1st place in the leaderboard for Crippa and Whai – I think this tournament really showed the rest of the scene how strong this duo currently is and they are here to stay!

Here is a summary of total score and kills between 1-3 place.