We part ways with CS:GO Female lineups

Today we’re sadly announcing the department of our female CS:GO teams due to being unable to reach a new agreement for 2017. The main team has been with us since 10th June 2016 and traveled to offline events like ESWC and Dreamhack Winter 2016. Unfortunately we haven’t had the chance to see the talent team play at a offline event after they joined the 16th November 2016.

We thank all individual players for their time in the organization and wish them all good luck in the future. A special good luck to the main team that managed to qualify for IEM Challenge Katowice 2017.

Ex – Team Property Main:
Julie “Monkey D. Julie” Ricou
Kristina “zon1Q” Stevanović
Marion “MAR1ON” Lopez
Terri “KiTTy-KaT” Mulvey
Ana “ANa” Dumbravă

property-femEx – Team Property Talent:
Öykü “Öykümeister” Büyük
Yağmur “Smurfette” Gündüz
Eda “Flutura” Mutu
Yaren “Nariel” Cirit
Chiara “TPQ” Van Imschoot

Joshua “BurntSanctuary” Keller
Léonard “Smyli” Michelino


Marion “MAR1ON” Lopez, IGL CS:GO Female Main
“Hello everybody. The organisation Property and my team have decided to part ways as we didn’t renew our contract. We wanted to thank Property for all they have done for us in 2016. It was a nice opportunity for our budding team and we are grateful we could be a part of such an organisation. We are now looking for a new home with new objectives for 2017!

A big last thank you to all the people we have met in the Poperty family and of course to Aron, the owner.
If you are an organisation and are interested, feel free to contact me at marion.lopez@inseec-france.com

Öykü “Öykümeister” Büyük, IGL CS:GO Female Talent
“It was nice to play under the Property banner. The support definitely made it easier for us to evolve as a team.”

Joshua Keller, Manager CS:GO Female
“I want to thank Property for all the support and the early trust the gave into us and the just newly formed team back then. After qualifying for IEM we decided that we want to leave the organisation and search for a new home.

If there’s any organisations interested in any of the teams, feel free to contact me at burntsanctuary@gmail.com

Aron Larsson, General Manager Team Property
“I want to thank all the players for their contributions and the manager, Joshua Keller, as well as the coach Léonard Michelino  for their parts.”