We sign Loyan as our new Hearthstone player – Property

We sign Loyan as our new Hearthstone player

1 year and 10 months ago

Today we are happy to announce our first professional Hearthstone player to the roster after taking a break in the game. We would like to welcome Mateusz “Loyan” Roszkowski, former professional player & streamer for CompLexity Gaming.

Our Hearthstone manager KevveC believes that combining pro playing and streaming is the way to go in the Hearthstone scene. Loyan will join us as the first Hearthstone streamer but also as a competitor. His first event to represent Team Property at is Dreamhack Winter this weekend. Team Property has chosen to send both Loyan and KevveC to compete in the Hearthstone tournament for a prizepool of 25000$.

“I’m feeling really happy to find a team that has the same goals and visions as I do. I believe that with team Property’s support I can reach the top. In 2018 I look forward to expand my stream and also try to become a better competitor together with the help of Team Property.” – Mateusz “Loyan” Roszkowski Hearthstone player

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I want to combine professional players and streamers in Hearthstone because I believe that the player grow faster this way. As a streamer you learn to communicate and speak out your gameplays which strengthens the gameplay during tournaments as well. As a pro player you learn to stay focused and keep updated in the games meta, etc. – Kevin “KevveC” Chan Hearthstone Manager

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