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1 year and 11 months ago

Today we are proud to announce a new chapter in the Team Property saga the forming of the Team Property Studios! We take our media division and make it it´s own unit within the organisation and in the long run we want to create a physical studio space for the organisation. Media is one of the pillars of Team Property and we are excited to bring more media projects than ever to life for you to enjoy.

“After working for Property for about one year now as a host and creating youtube content for the team. I have now decided to step up my game and put my heart and dedication into the organisation. The goal? to make Team Property Studios go viral, to create the best and most interesting content for everyone out there.
It’s been a long time since I felt such a drive for something and I´m positive me and my team will create amazing eSports media!“
Mikael “Zaty” Malmgren – Head of Team Property Studios

“I have been a vivid gamer and moviemaking enthusiast for as long as I can remember and I am honored to represent such an amazing organisation as Team Property. I greatly look forward to start releasing quality content for Team Property Studios! I know that working with Team Property will help me develop as a content creator and I am confident that I can return the favour and help develop this organization into something great.”
Daniel “Zerfoy” Tomic – Video editor & Camera operator

“Film and photos has been a passion for me for a long time I love to create and put my touch at a video edit. I´m looking forward to represent and be a part of Team Property as a video editor & camera operator. This will be a new adventure and project for me to help out and create great content for this amazing organization.“
Hugo Hultqvist – Video editor & Camera operator