Team Property is part of Videohjälpen – Property

Team Property is part of Videohjälpen

1 year and 10 months ago

We are very proud and happy to be part of the charity the Video help. It´s an initiative from United Screens to help raise funds for Musikhjälpen.
The Video help are sending live 24/7 during one week from Stockholm. Each minute four children are sold in sex trafficing world-wide. The dark figures are huge as children trafficing are sold online, which is hidden and few of the crimes are discovered. All money donated are going to prevent children trafficing. All money goes to Musikhjälpen. Read more here

We are live these times

Wednesday 6th december 15.00-17.00 CET
Saturday 9th december 00.00-04.00 CET

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Since 2008, Swedish Public Radio and Public Television, together with help organisation Radiohjälpen, produce the week-long live broadcast, Musikhjälpen. Our goal is to raise awareness for a humanitarian catastrophe at the same time raising money for that cause.