Property signs streamer – Property

Property signs streamer

1 year and 7 months ago

Today we are happy to announce another addition to the Property family!
Please welcome our first streamer and influencer from the music and tv industry, Alexander “alexdrosso” D’Rosso.

D’Rosso is known from winning the reality tv-show Paradise Hotel back in 2016 and as a well-known DJ, playing on several known nightclubs around the world.
He has always been interested into esports and gaming but never had passion for one specific game until Fortnite got released, now he is determined to take a step into streaming full-time and creating content.
We are very happy to have him aboard and you can expect great things from him starting with a stream tonight at 19.00pm cet!

A few words from himself:

It feels tremendously exciting to start streaming, but it’s going to be a challenge since I haven’t done something like this before. I chose to sign with Team Property because it is an established organisation with years of experience and I’m a good friend to Kevin Chan, the marketing manager. I see a bright future in this team and want to combine my journey with theirs. My goal with my stream is to entertain as many as possible and to explore something new, and of course to become the number 1 streamer in Sweden!


Alexs social media:

Join us on our new journey of the rebranding of Team Property, our story begins now!