CS:GO Player Development Program – Property

CS:GO Player Development Program

1 year and 10 months ago

Team Property is now starting the search for a new Talent Team. We are looking for the next generation of Swedish star players in CS:GO as we take the first step towards launching our new Swedish Talent team. We are looking for players with the right mindset and hunger to become a professional player in CS:GO. It´s important for us that you understand what kind of commitment it takes to make it into the big leagues. We have prepared a unique player development program for all five players we select for this program so please be sure this is something you want. In the first stage we will select a number of players for a series of tryouts and tests where we will evaluate and grade all prospects based on their performance.

We offer

The chance for you to take next step in your CS:GO career
Mental coach
A family that backs you all the way


Swedish citizenship
Mature mindset
Hunger, passion and drive to become the best player in the world
Ability to listen and communicate well with other players
Ability to put team results ahead of individual results
Positive attitude
Willingness to learn and listen to experienced coaches as well as teammates

Please include the following for each player applying

Steam link to your account
Player achievements
Personal presentation

Add the following if you are applying as a complete 5 man roster

Team history
Team achievements
Why should we consider you as a complete five player roster?
Give us 5 adjectives that characterize your team.

Apply here!

Choose CS:GO and mark it PDP
If you have questions about the application process don’t hesitate to contact us in the Discord support chat.

We look forward to read all of your applications and get back to you within the upcoming weeks.