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Property adds Firrlo

1 year and 5 months ago

We’ve already announced Inderen for our Hearthstone roster and joining him we’ve William “Firrlo” Sjöblom. The swedish Hearthstone Player have previously played for Wyvern Esports and Reason Gaming, bringing home 5th place in IeSF World Championship and 3rd place in Turtle Beach Invitational.

We’re looking forward to working with the up and coming player.

firrloWilliam “Firrlo” Sjöblom – Hearthstone Player
“I’m very excited to be representing Team Property for 2017 together with Inderen. I know that my hard work and dedication will show results for me but also for Property. This is a new chapter in competitive Hearthstone for me not only because I’ve signed with Property but also because I am finally able to start streaming and to build a stream community.”

 Linus Holmberg – Hearthstone Managerlofa
“I’m happy to announce that we signed Firrlo for this year. He is a familiar name in the Swedish scene and I am confident this is his breakout year.”


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