• Aron Larsson

    General Manager

    Aron embodies Propertys values, strong will to win and is the founder and GM of the team. He has the entrepreneurial spirit burning in him but can get a bit carried away sometimes on the hypetrain.

  • Carolina MÃ¥rtensson

    Editor in chief

    Gaming is her life and she mostly plays League of Legends and Overwatch. She is a goofball who likes to play Symmetra and loves the singleplayer loneliness, but we still like her.

  • Karl Bergman

    Manager & Coach CS:GO Male

    Karl is the anchor of the CS:GO Male team and very knowledgable in tactics and management. He also says that he is a pretty good CS:GO player, but it has never been officially confirmed.

  • Linus Holmberg

    Hearthstone manager & esport advisor

    Linus AKA LoFA is a hardworking good guy and with his asian roots his farming skills in Path of Exile are second to none. He boasts to be an excellent piano player this has yet to be confirmed however.

  • Mikael Malmgren

    Sales Representative & Host

    Mikael aka Zaty started out his gaming career on the Nintendo 8-bit console and has always been in love with games especially CS:GO and have played more Word of Warcraft than he wants to admit. He is both our Sales rep and Host so we feed him our best cookies.

  • Patrik Liedman

    Graphic designer & content creator

    BAMBII is a guy who loves to play CS:GO, hang out with his neighbor and drink beer! He's also very good friend with our CS:GO manager in real life! On the negative side he sleeps to much.

  • Nicolas Meller

    Graphic Designer

    He is a hard worker who is great at social medias and graphic design and a true nerd at heart. Nicolas has a big passion for eSports and loves to compete even though he might be a sore loser.