• Aron Larsson

    General Manager

    Aron founded the team and he believes in creating a better eSports and creating positive change . The entrepreneurial spirit burning in him but he can get a bit carried away on the hypetrain sometimes .

  • Mathias Hautala

    Chief Executive Officer

    When he is not spinning records he is spinning up his next project and he has been in esports all his life. He was part of one of the best semi elite teams in 1.6.

  • Kevin Chan

    Hearthstone Manager

    Kevin also know as "KevveC" is a former professional Hearthstone player and has been competing at the top. He is a humble individual but can sometimes be a bit too self-righteous.

  • Mikael Malmgren

    Head of Team Property Studios

    This swagmeister from Gävle is the Head of our studios and likes the spotlight in front of the camera. He also claims he has been pretty good at CS we can´t confirm neither deny this.

  • Rikard Jakobsson

    Sales Representative & eSports Advisor

    Rikard is a funny gothenburger with a love for fps games. He is very ambitous but can sometimes trip himself up in sports.

  • Tobias Söderberg

    Head of Player Development

    Tobias is an analytical mastermind with a big passion for CS. He can be pretty serious face at times but we still like him.

  • Emil Priver

    Web Developer

    Emil is the tech wizard of the team and a full stack developer. He claims to be the next Michael Jordan we have our doubts though.

  • Hugo Hultqvist

    Video editor & Camera operator

    Hugo is from Örebro his big passions is photo and filming, creating magic through the lens and editing. He might be a bit of a hipster but we still like him.

  • Daniel Tomic Lindvall

    Video editor & Camera operator

    Daniel is our gameplay moviemaker who spends his free time streaming on twitch, He claims to spend alot of time in the gym but we can’t confirm this